Black Cat  IR RF RM PRO

All appliances can be remote controlled by only one smart phone.

Latest Model Now Available

Supports 5,000+ models of Home appliances, TV's, Set-Top Box's, Air-Conditioning, Media, Amplifiers,  Curtains…
No matter which IR remote or RF remote, you only need one smart phone to control everything.

RF Frequency 433.92mHz supported.

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Broadlink IR RM PRO-4-AUS

Broadlink IR RM PRO-4-AUS

   Broadlink RM 4 Pro  - Latest Version Dual 433 & 315mHz      5V DC (Mains Adaptor not include..

AUD $ 54.95

Broadlink IR RM PRO-AUS

Broadlink IR RM PRO-AUS

  RM-Pro-4 Now available. Broadlink RM Pro - Original Version RETIRED - Model No Longer av..

AUD $ 59.95

Broadlink IR RM4CMini-AUS

Broadlink IR RM4CMini-AUS

   Broadlink RM4CMini - New Version Co..

AUD $ 24.95

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