Kaiser-Electro-Wall Boxes for Concrete, Rammed Earth and Mudbrick construction.

Box, housing and sealing systems for Concrete walls and ceilings.

Onsite Mixed Concrete construction.

On-site mixed concrete

On-site mixed concrete construction is mostly used when large parts and surfaces have to be produced. Here, the fresh concrete delivered or mixed on site is filled into the formwork prepared with reinforcement and installation components and compacted. After curing, the formwork is removed and the walls or slabs are finished. For in-situ concrete, wooden formwork is usually used. These can possibly be coated with plastics or synthetic resins. The boxes are attached to the formwork by simply nailing them on, which ensures a secure hold. Fastening to steel formwork is usually done with expansion plugs, by means of magnets, adhesive foils or hot glue. The modular KAISER system is universally applicable for all concreting methods and formwork types. The perfectly coordinated individual modules guarantee exact planning and smooth processing with future-proof installation. Robust support and connection elements as well as a wide range of accessories and tools round off the range in a practice-oriented manner. Different colours of the individual components facilitate correct assembly.

The installation of the boxes, housings and systems is carried out with empty conduits for the supply lines. Boxes and cases form a closed system with these tubes. All connections of the multi-part products with each other as well as with pipes and cables are exactly coordinated. The connection openings are made without tools or with KAISER system tools, so that the stability and absolute tightness of the entire system is ensured and no foreign bodies or concrete can penetrate into boxes, housings or conduits.

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