Software Overview



The software is a modern and affordable software for visualisation and automation of intelligent buildings and facilities. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the central monitoring and controlling of technical processes using a computer system.


Its activities range from individual rooms or machines, flats and homes to the largest and most modern buildings and building complexes. The comfortable graphical editor improves the generation of surfaces with a flexible menu structure, practical layout tools and user-defined function templates.


Interfaces to a variety of control- and IT-systems, make the software to a universal building management platform.

The technical basis is the Microsoft® .NET Framework, the basis of all innovative Microsoft® server and desktop operating systems. C # and XML are worldwide standards and form the basic software structure. This allows, by the component-oriented development, the creation of own components and the integration of functional modules of other providers.

The internal network structure and the protocol independent design make EisBaer SCADA a flexible and universal system. The software works in a real server-client-structure, whereby the server part fits in perfectly with commercial server IT structures.

With the possibility to integrate various systems like KNX (EIB), Z-Wave Modbus, DMX, DALI, digitalSTROM, BACnet, LON (OPC), C-bus, IRTrans, Multi-IO-IP, etc., the software can be used as a gateway in the building system technology as a universal networking platform. All interfaces are avaible for use  in the editor software.

The also included three OPC clients make the software compatible with almost all current technical systems. OPC provides a worldwide standard for process communication.
With an optional infrared gateway, a bidirectional connection of devices of consumer electronics and media technology of all manufacturers is easily possible. For our international projects the software can be customised in different languages.


Fast and reliable - that's how EisBaer SCADA works





Requirements and wishes of the customer regarding building system technology know almost no limits. All functions of a modern building technology can be managed together with other building systems under a common software front end.

The wide range of interfaces and the freely programmable and scalable GUI offer high planning security. During the course of the project, it is possible to react flexibly to all requirement changes. The editor software always includes all functions interfaces. Additional packages are not required. The license size can grow flexibly with the solutions. The integration of the software into the existing IT infrastructure is ensured.

The number of client workstations or smart clients (apps) is unlimited and not licensing relevant. Numerous system integrator are available in the market with trained specialist staff for the installation and support of the systems.
The modern editor is available free of charge. A Windows PC is required.

The editor can be used to realise large and complex projects of any size. It always contains all functions and interfaces.

Additional functions do not have to be purchased separately. During the design of the front end gui, all functions can be tested in an online simulation mode using drag & drop.

The Eisbaer Framework ensures the linking of different data points from the different systems by the means of software interfaces. The "internal" data points are  identical. Therefor the realisation of a cross-system software front end is possible in a very short time.
The graphical user interface for the operation of the building automation system can be designed according to individual requirements. The results are unique  customised solutions with exactly the right functionalities.

Different users can be equipped with different rights in the system. This allows a user to specifically view, operate or change certain functions. The number of PC and app operator stations is not limited.

The software includes the ability to record power and energy consumption data.

Within the main version the software can be updated online for free.


Licensing model

Licensing model

Project licenses

The latest version of the complete software package is generally availablefor download free of charge on the homepage. No license is required to use the editor.
 A license is required to operate the server. The server-client operation can be tested for 30 minutes without a license.
The number of clients is not included in the licensing. 
Only the size of the project is decisive for the size of the required license. Depending on the number of pages
implemented and the components / channels used, the corresponding project licensesize is required. 
Some components with a weighting of more than 1 are included in the calculationof the license. This applies, for example, to the component maximum guard. 
This factor is 500 in the number of components.

The number of channels corresponds to the number of
data points in the Dynamic folder.
The number of data points for driver components is not taken into account. 

All other channels of the components are added up.
It is crucial for the size of the license that pages and components / channels in the
realized project are smaller / equal to the license size. If a
larger license is required, an upgrade is possible. The USB license dongle does not have to be replaced. 
You will then only receive a new activation for the existing dongle by email.

EisBär SCADA 3 project license Pro Domo
  (5 pages / 200 components / channels), incl. USB license dongle


EisBär SCADA 3 project
  license starter (10 pages / 500 components / channels), incl. USB license dongle


EisBär SCADA 3 project
  license Professional (30 pages / 3,000 comp./channels), incl. USB license dongle


EisBär SCADA 3 project
  license architect (100 pages / 10,000 components / channels), incl. USB license dongle


EisBär SCADA 3 project
  license Enterprise (unlimited pages / 100,000 comp. / Channels), incl. USB license dongle

Updates within the main license purchased are free of charge. The useful life of the software is not limited in time. There is no annual fee for use.



React quickly and flexibly to changes




The visualization does not have to be reprogrammed then changes are made to the room layout. 
By importing the data again, the display and control  elements are automatically updated and adapted to the new situation. Finally, only the changed graphic is read.
EisBär SCADA as the central link between building system technology, the PC / multimedia world and people - if modern technology is to remain operable. 




Can be used on PCs, touch monitors, as well as on tablets and smartphones. In the mobile world, EisBär SCADA even supports two different display modes (the horizontal landscape and the vertical nested list mode), which can be used depending on the handling of the devices. The app is available free of charge for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windwos RT and Windows 10. on the handling of the devices. The app is available free of charge for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windwos RT and Windows 10. 



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