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Where to Buy - How to order?

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) fit-outs will be different according to the client’s needs and requirements.

We recommend working out the details of which switches and what surrounds to use with your SDA advisor, SDA assessor, or architect/builder.

In our experience, electrical plans and blueprints are limited in representing SDA client needs in respect to the type, size, style or colour of the hardware required.

These details are best worked out with your client before contacting us for quotes or advice.

You can then conduct an audit referring to the TEM Australia SDA Supplement.

The SDA Supplement contains valuable information about our switch and socket sets, special sets, guides, FAQ's, installation procedures and more.
From here, use the SDA Selection guides in consultation with your SDA advisor to get an estimate on the hardware required for your build.

We recommend that you print a copy of the Selection Guide for each room and make your selection on a room-by-room basis.

Contact us if you need help to place an order or require a special set (such as etched surrounds or LED buttons) or bespoke lighting control solutions such as DALI or KNX.

The TEM General Catalogue is a useful starting point for special sets. Remember, TEM has a large and unique range that is unsurpassed by other manufacturers!

By choosing TEM you are not limited to  the "ubiquitous" white switch, you now have a wide choice of a large range of Surround styles and a pallette of colours that is unsurpassed by other manufactures.
Your project can now be bright and cheerful or subdued and calming according to your clients needs.

Download either the TEM Modul or TEM General Catalogue here:  TEM Catalogues.

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Regional retail enquiries are also welcome.
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