DIMMER INBOX Kit - LED 250W Component
Neutral not required.
- Component inbox, controlled by external push button
- For leading or trailing edge
- Supply voltage 230V~ 50Hz
- Multi push-buttons combinations are possible
- Light intensity memory
- Soft start / stop function
- Minimum intensity control
- Only one dimmer per wall box
- Only for indoor usage
- In accordance with EN 60669-1 and EN 60669-2-1 & AS 60669-1 &2 & AS3760


Installation instructions:

- Installation may only be carried out by a professionally qualified person.
- Connect the dimmer according to the wiring diagram.
- Several push-buttons combinations are possible.
- Only one dimmer per wall box.
- Only for indoor usage.
- Not for use with CFL lamps and non-CE compliant lamps.

Operating instructions:

Press and release the bell-press switch once to turn the dimmer (light) on or off. When switched on, the light level is always set to the last setting. After a power failure, the lights will revert to 50% intensity. If you press and hold the bell-press switch when the light is on, the light intensity will continuously cycle between minimum and maximum value. When you reach desired level, release bell-press switch. If you want to reverse dimming direction, release the bell-press switch momentarily and press and hold again.


Dimmer has a number of functions that can be activated by pressing the bell-press switch a number of times at 0.5 second intervals: -
-1 press – Light goes on or off. - Press and hold while lamp on – Lamp will cycle dimming. - Press and hold while lamp off – Lamp will go on at minimum intensity level and ramp up. 
-2 presses – Light will go to 50% intensity.

-3 presses – Lamp will go to maximum intensity. -
-4 presses – Lamp will go to minimum intensity. Adjusting the minimum brightness:

If your lights turn off completely or don’t turn on at minimum dimming intensity, you can adjust the minimum dimmer level. You can do that by pressing and holding the bell-press switch until the lights go off.

When the lights go on again, set the dimmer’s minimum intensity with 11 presses. If the dimmer accepts the program setting, the lamps will go to full intensity.

Technical information:

- Leading or trailing edge
- Supply voltage 230V~ 50Hz
- Soft start / stop function
- Light intensity memory
- Operating temperature: from -5°C to 45°C
- Maximum housing temperature 85°C


- EN 60669-1 and EN 60669-2-

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