About Black Cat Control Systems

Welcome to Black Cat Control Systems, your electrical automation solution provider. 
Where our reputation for great customer service speaks for itself. 

We specialise in:

  • TEM Switches & Surrounds

    TEM SDA Switches & Sockets

  • KNX Automation

    DALI Lighting Automation

  • Z-Wave Automation Controls

  • QUBINO Capacitive touch Switches & Sockets
  • Stand Alone Access Systems

    Kaiser Wall Boxes


With over 6,000 stock lines in our inventory, a solution for your application is readily available. 
Be it cutting edge or contemporary. 

We have great products to choose from which will guarantee you seamless supply for production, installation and a long service life and pride ourselves on reliable supply with a smooth delivery.  
So you can relax.

Our customer service team are all technically qualified in KNX, Z-Wave & WiFi Automation, their  knowledge will instantly put you at ease. 

You have found your trusted advisors.

With our experience we will know exactly what you are talking about, be able to relate to you what you need, and supply the most appropriate product solutions to you at competitive prices. 
Because we will quickly assist you with your needs, it means you will have more free time to do the truly important things.

If your need is unique, we will find you a solution.  Problem Solved!

Shop with us and experience the difference.