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NEW for 2019-TEM Australia 240V Smart Double Socket
We kick off 2019 with a New release of Smart Switches and Sockets, First off is the TEM Line inspired Double Socket.This Smart Socket is available in Black or White glass finish, it's straight lines reflect the TEM Line Series of Surrounds and matches perfectly with TEM Line Series Surrounds.Fo..
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Now Available is the USB version of the popular Black Cat Multi-Message Centre.This version is nearly indentical to the Battery version and also comes with a Standby Battery. Simply attach to a 5VDC Adaptor for Mains use or use the Standby battery.Visual difference is the circular design with B..

New Black Cat Single relay with Metering Now Available

Now available is the ZWBCL1M Relay.

The ZWBCL1M is an Single relay in-wall switch module which is a transceiver that is also a security enabled device.
Communication is based on Z-Wave Plus technology and it is fully compatible with any Z-WaveTM enabled network.
This module includes Metering which indicates Watts.

The ZWBCL1M is Vera compatable and features:

  • Smart Technology that supports High Inrush Current. (Perfect for all types of LED Lighting)
  • Auto Inclusion
  • Z wave Plus Technology
  • Firmware Update (OTA)
  • Auto Timer
  • Optional DIN Rail Mount available

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