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NOW AVAILABLE - Broadlink RMPro-2

NOW AVAILABLE - Broadlink RMPro-2

The Official Australian Edition of the Broadlink RMPro-2-AUS is 


 from Black Cat Control Systems, this IR device is probably the most popular IR Controller worldwide.

What makes the RMPro-2-AUS different is that also controls RF devices utilising 433.92mHz.
It's an outstanding device suited for HA use either in conjunction with Vera - HomeSeer or it can be used as 
a stand alone controller that uses cloud services. 

We have had a test unit running for the past 4 weeks and can verify it's ease of use, simplicity in setting up and inclusion with the most popular Home Automation Controllers. 
As a standalone system it does not require independent software, whilst we have teamed it up with Vera UI7 in a controlled environmental test which extended over the past 10 day heat wave.
The results have been conclusively positive.

Users will NOT be disappointed.

The Black Cat Broadlink RMPro-2-AUS is the official Broadlink Australian IR/RF controller and comes with Australian Certification & Australian Approved Power Supply.

Full details and specifications are available from


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