The Black Cat LED Dimmer is a security enabled wireless dimmer, based on Z-Wave Plus technology.
Z-Wave Plus enabled devices displaying the Z-Wave Plus logo can also be used
with it regardless of the manufacturer, and can also be used in other manufacturer’s
Z-Wave enabled networks.

To operate the dimming function a momentary switch such as a TEM PW-1D momentary switch can be used or a single momentary switch can turn the LED light On/Off by pressing the button briefly,
You can switch the light by pressing the button briefly or  long pressing to control the brightness of a dimmable LED light bulb. External switching can be One, Two or Up/Down.
Dimming is supported utilising Zero Crossing Technology which eliminates a flash or blink when switched On.

This dimmer is a transceiver which is a security enabled device which based on
Z-Wave Plus technology, and it is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network.

The ZWBCLD1 supports the Security Command Class, it can learn with a Secured
enabled controller to fully utilize the device. Its functionality and supported command
classes is identical when included as a secure and non-secure device.

Warning: Do not use Non-Dimmable LED's with this Dimmer.
Range Minimum: 40M Indoors. 100M Outdoors line of sight.
Warranty 12 Months

Input Rating:(Operating Voltage) 100-240Vac / 50Hz-60Hz

Input Rating:(Operating Current) 0.01~1A ; (Maximum: 1A)

Output Rating: Maximum Load (Current) Maximum: 0.9A (100-240Vac)

Output Rating: Maximum Load (watts)(230V)

200W (13W x 15 pieces) (Dimmable LED bulbs) (230Vac)

Output Rating: Maximum Load (watts)(120V)

100W (13W x 15 pieces) (Dimmable LED bulbs) (120Vac)

Output Rating: Maximum Dimmable LED bulbs

Maximum: 15 pieces (Dimmable LED bulbs)

Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C

Frequency Range 921.40/921.42 mHz.

RF Maximum Power +5dBm

Transmission Range Minimum 40 m in door 100m outdoor line of sight

Modulation Type FSK (Frequency-Shift Keying)

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Black Cat ZWBCLD1 Z-Wave In Wall Dimmer

  • Brand: Black Cat
  • Product Code: ZWBCLD1-AUS
  • Availability: In Stock
  • AUD $ 93.95

  • 2 or more AUD $ 89.95
  • 10 or more AUD $ 84.95

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